Get horizon data

  1. Visit
  2. Create a new panorama, or open an existing panorama.
  3. Ensure the panorama is publically available. (Hint - all panoramas tab, on the map click the view location marker, select make public)
  4. On the view tab familiarise yourself with where to locate the url string containing the view ID (e.g.
  5. Copy the 8 character view ID from the url string (e.g. BI3RJGCX)
  6. Paste the view ID into the form box below, click 'Get Horizon Data' then click 'Next'

Update landscape details

Add/Delete locations labels

To add a custom label location:

  1. Within the view/panorama, ensure bearings are set to 'true'
  2. Within the view/panorama, ensure measurements are set to 'metric'
  3. Within the view/panorama, set decimal places to '5'
  4. Within the view/panorama, set degrees display to 'DD.DDDDDD°'
  5. Use the map to browse to the location of interest, click on the location.
  6. Locate the bearing and alt values at the bottom of the page (e.g. bearing 93.20898° 6.20747 km alt -1.30518°)
  7. Copy the 'alt' value into the 'altitude' form field below
  8. Copy the 'bearing' value into the 'azimuth' form field below
  9. Enter a name in the 'label' form field below
  10. The 'v-shift' and 'h-shift' fields are used for label positioning. Read the stellarium guide for further details. Enter a value of '10' in 'v-shift' and '0' in 'h-shift' which should be fine in most cases.
  11. Click 'Add Row'
  12. When finished adding/deleting labels click 'Next'
Azimuth Altitude V-shift H-shift Label
0 0 5 0 Stellarium Horizon created by horiZONE

Azimuth Altitude